8 Top Benefits of Becoming an Airline Pilot

In 2019, there were around 127,100 pilots in the U.S which shows it’s an attractive career path.

Airline pilots lead interesting lives from visiting new countries to enjoying an array of benefits. Perhaps it’s been your lifelong dream to become a pilot but you want to learn about the perks before taking the plunge.

Sounds like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 8 benefits of becoming an airline pilot.

1.Great Salary

Once you’ve graduated from Flight school, airline pilots enjoy a reasonable salary from the get-go. Entry-level pilots earn around $30,000 to $50,000 a year and this only increases with experience. Plus, professional pilots have great job security as they’ll always be a need for air travel.

Note that a senior position like captains earn a staggering $300,00 annually especially if they’re working for a reputable airline.

2.Flexible Working Hours

If you’re undecided about becoming a commercial pilot, know that you enjoy flexible working hours. No two days are the same whether you’re manning the cockpit in Iceland to taking off in the Bahamas which is great if you’re after an exciting career.

Note that office jobs promise at least eight days off a month but this is different for airline pilots. Most pilots get 10 to 15 days off a month and their working days will be sporadic. For instance, an airline pilot may work for three days in a row then have several days free. This is fantastic if you’re in a new country as it gives you time to soak in the culture.

Plus, once you’re in a senior position then you can choose which days to have off.

3.Opportunity to Travel the World

One of the main benefits of becoming a pilot is traveling the world. Even after your hundredth flight, the excitement of taking off and landing in exotic places never subsides as you’re constantly on an adventure.

Think of all the countries and cultures you’ll experience in the span of your career, a rare opportunity for most people.

4.Meet Likeminded People

The best thing about airline pilot jobs is constantly meeting new individuals. Passengers, your flight crew, and residents in the city you’re visiting are only some of the people you’ll meet while at work. And because you’ve got similar interests, you’ll likely create lifelong bonds with your work colleagues.

Note that if anyone is annoying you, you can take advantage of the “Do Not Pair” system that airlines have developed. This is where you can add the name of the offending co-worker and you’ll never share the cockpit with them again.

5.Become a Lifelong Learner

Flying airplanes for a living means you’re constantly developing and acquiring new skills that will further your career. Plus, pilots may face difficult situations that will strengthen their character and mind.

It’s your responsibility to know the specifics and regulations of everything from the cockpit to how ground control affects your flight. As a result, you’ll become a better planner and a logical decision maker that only comes from practical experience.

Further, airline pilots are master multitaskers as they must handle multiple streams of information at once. This is initially demanding so it requires a level of skill and patience until it becomes natural. A bonus is multitasking is a skill that benefits other areas of your life.

Also, airline pilots are usually the boss of the cockpit. This means you don’t have someone giving you tasks or asking you to do things their way. As a result, you’re given a high level of freedom as long as it aligns with the airline’s safety guidelines.

6.Travel Discounts for Loved Ones

Pilots enjoy a wide range of benefits like free accommodation, food, and travel. This means you can sleep in a luxurious hotel in Paris without having to foot the bill. Plus, many airlines operate a “buddy system” where you can select a certain number of family or friends to enjoy your allowances.

For instance, airlines may ask your buddies to only pay for taxes and charges or give them a free upgrade to business class. This means you can bond with your loved ones on an exotic beach on your next vacation which would usually cost you a fortune.

7.Spectacular Views from the Office

Many of us are stuck looking at a wall at work but not a pilot. Once you’re in the clouds, you can watch storms brewing in the distance, glorious sunsets, and enjoy the vast blue sky. Because of this, it’s a great opportunity to start growing a pilot Instagram account and wow followers with the breathtaking scenery.

8.Leave Work Behind

It’s impossible to leave work behind when you’re in an office but this isn’t an issue for pilots. The task of the pilot is flying the plane they’re assigned so they needn’t worry about replying to emails or working on a report in their free time. This is a lifesaver if you’ve got a family as it means you can spend valuable time with them without worrying about work.

Those Are the Benefits of Becoming an Airline Pilot

Hopefully, after this article, you now know the benefits of becoming an airline pilot.

Airline pilots enjoy a fantastic salary, lifelong learning opportunities, and benefits that they can share with their loved ones. It’s also an attractive career path as no two days are the same, you travel the world, and you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind view daily. What’s not to love?

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