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Midpoint Formula: How to Use it

The midpoint formula explains the average endpoints of lines. The very first term in the method amounts x1 as well as x2. After dividing that sum by 2. The 2nd term in the formulae amounts y1 and also y2 after that separates that amount by 2.

We know that a straight line is simply a link between two factors in the coordinate system. Its axis is also thought about as a factor in the coordinate system. This is why the midpoint formula remains in the style of collaborates for a factor. Take a look at the picture over for an aesthetic of how the midpoint formula obtained.

The midpoint formula provides us with the facility point on a line in between 2 points. It offered as:

( x, y) = (( x1 + x2) ⁄ 2, (y1 + y2) ⁄ 2).

The x and y work with users in the formula originated from both endpoints of the line being taken a look at. This formula gives us the precise axis of a straight line.

Examples Using Midpoint Formula

1. A-line has two endpoints given as (-3, -3) and (12, 5). What is the midpoint of the line?


(-3 + 12)/2 = 4.5, and (-3 + 5)/2 = 1

(4.5, 1) is the midpoint of the line.

2. What is the midpoint of the line generated by the points (5, 4) and (6, 7)?


(5 + 6)/2 = 5.5, and (4 + 7)/2 = 5.5

(5.5, 5.5) is the midpoint of the line.

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