What Are the Most Broadly Useful Degrees in the Current Job Landscape?

In today’s rapidly changing world, it can be difficult to determine what degrees will actually garner demand in the future. It’s not uncommon for students with bachelor’s or even postgraduate qualifications to have difficulty finding employment. While there are more courses available than ever, it’s essential to do research and get advice on which qualifications could provide the greatest benefit in terms of long-term employment opportunities. This blog post will take a look at some of the most broadly useful degrees for the current job landscape.

Most Broadly Useful Degrees in the Current Job Landscape

The Skills Needed for the Current Job Market

In this day and age, we see industries continuing to evolve quite rapidly with advancements in technology and automation. The old way of doing things is starting to change and is paving the way for a more refined and multidisciplinary approach to skill development. This means that the job market now demands a different set of skills that include not only technical proficiency but also solid interpersonal and communication skills.

Most employers are on the lookout for individuals who can adapt to new technologies, troubleshoot problems and learn new processes. Especially because the landscape is changing so rapidly and if they don’t adapt they will fall to the wayside. They are also looking for those with the ability to collaborate effectively with communication and conflict resolution skills. Having these competencies as well as being adept in your specific field will give you the best chance of success.

That being said, there are a few fields that are worth looking at as opposed to others when you’re on the path in the job market. Let’s take a look at some of the more lucrative fields for those interested.

Exploring Qualifications in Business, Technology and Communications

The world of business, technology, and communication is ever-evolving, and as we alluded to at the start lots of future opportunities will be developing in these fields. Going down any of these fields can yield great opportunities in the future as these growing markets are the centre of the technological revolution.

If you’re looking for a good Business degree to start, it would be wise to look into the Bachelor of Business as this provides a good foundation for business students to explore the field. After you’ve completed the qualification you can also find the best online MBA in Australia if you want to continue your studies. Many students who complete this degree go on to managerial positions or are equipped with the knowledge to run their own successful businesses.

If studying business isn’t your thing, you could study the Bachelor of Technology and Communications which gives students a solid foundation in the field. This will give you an understanding of modern technology, digital communication, web design and more. You can then specialise in areas such as software engineering or network security before taking your skills to the professional world. Graduates are usually utilised in technological projects and on the cutting edge of new developments in the industry.

Demand for Degrees in Healthcare and Social Services

Healthcare and social services are becoming the most sought-after and in-demand fields, with growing populations and more people focused on health than ever before, the need for these fields is rising. If you’re someone who’s passionate about serving others and making a positive impact on the community, pursuing a degree in healthcare or social services might be the right choice for you.

Popular degrees to get into these fields include the Bachelor of Nursing and the Bachelor of Social Work. These degrees get you ready to put your foot into the door of any healthcare or social work setting and provide the foundation for success. The entire industry is ever-expanding and we don’t think that you’ll see any lack of opportunity in these fields anytime soon. They can lead to a diverse range of career paths and when you’ve developed your skills you’ll be able to land more lucrative and higher-skilled positions.


Overall, it is more important than ever for job seekers not only to develop skills but make sure they are in the right field. It’s not enough anymore to simply take on any course and expect to find stable employment. You’ll need to take some careful consideration into what field aligns with your skills and interests and then pair that up with an in-demand industry. From degrees in business and technology to healthcare and social services, you should be able to find the specific field that is right for you. If there are some fields that we haven’t mentioned then we recommend that you look into the field and assess the demand. Happy career hunting.