What is Standardized Testing and How Can My Student Prepare?

Are you trying to learn more about standardized testing and how you can help your student prepare? Standardize testing may be challenging and intimidating for students, so it’s best to give them what they need to succeed.

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, there are some things you can do to support your student and prepare them for standardized testing. Keep reading for a brief introduction to standardized testing and what you can do to prepare your student.

What is Standardized Testing?

There are many different types of standardized tests that a student may have to take throughout their education. For this reason, preparing your student for this kind of testing is crucial. This is a tool used by education systems as a way to measure a student’s progress.

Some standardized tests, such as a selective test, or Advanced Placement exams may allow a student entrance into a higher level class, while others are state-mandated and required of all students. Standardized tests such as SATs and ACTs can affect a student’s acceptance into a university. For many reasons, standardized testing is important for students, teachers, and parents to understand.

Testing that has high stakes for students and teachers may cause anxiety, but there are some ways you can support students so that you can set them up for success.

Streamline and Align Teaching Practices

If you’re a teacher, a great way to prepare your students for an upcoming standardized test is to align your lessons with the skills students will be tested on. By doing so, you can cover some of the content they will come across on the test and you can help to increase the chances of them knowing the material.

Do some research on the upcoming test. In some cases, you may be allowed a past version of the test.

This can help you understand the kinds of questions that will appear on the test so that you can incorporate these kinds of questions into your own classroom tests and quizzes. This will help to familiarize your students with these kinds of questions and how to answer them. You could also teach your students about test-taking strategies to help them succeed.

Incorporate multiple choice questions in your classroom quizzes, as these are the most common question on standardized tests. Many tests also require students to read a passage and answer questions about it. Incorporate this practice into your lessons to prepare students for this reading comprehension test.

Teach students strategies such as skipping answers they don’t know that they can come back to later. This helps to make sure students don’t get tripped up on questions they don’t know, which could cut down on their time. Teach students to read questions and answers carefully and critically, and to review their answers if they have leftover time.

If you are a parent of a student that is preparing for an upcoming standardized test, consult with your child’s teacher to learn what strategies they are incorporating in the classroom. Some schools may also offer handbooks that can help you understand the structure of the test, with examples you can practice at home with your student.

Build Confidence

Standardized testing may seem overwhelming or intimidating to students, especially when they are new to this test-taking style, or the test has high stakes. For this reason, it’s important for educators and parents to build up a student’s confidence before a test. Helping a student feel calm and prepared can improve their success on the test, as nerves could cause distraction and a lack of focus during test-taking.

Remaining calm, offering encouragement, and using positive reinforcement can help a child feel less anxious about taking the test. While it’s great to be supportive of a student, applying to much pressure can have negative effects, such as a lack of sleep. Encourage healthy eating and sleeping habits leading up to the test so that you’re child can wake up energized and focused.

Work With Students on Practice Exams

The best way to help students with tests like ACTs and SATs is to work with them on practice exams. There are many workbooks and online resources you can obtain to prepare students for what they can expect. This can familiarize them with the kinds of questions they may come across.

Work on practice tests with the student regularly on the days leading up to the test. The student may even benefit from a mock test, where you can time them in the same way their upcoming test will. This will allow them to see how they are on timing, and what kind of questions they are struggling with. This can help you and your student focus on areas that need improvement.

Focusing on areas that need improvement can help you spend practice time on areas that could bring down a student’s score. This will help to boost their success. Incorporate the same kind of test-taking and problem-solving skills when assisting a child with their homework as well so that they are actively sharpening these skills.

Preparing Students for Standardized Testing

Standardized testing can be intimidating to students, so it’s important that teachers and parents give their students the preparation they need to succeed. Help to prepare a student for upcoming testing by helping them feel confident with your support and your assistance. If a student feels confident that they know the material, the better they will do and feel when it comes time to take the test.

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