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What You Should Know About Kajabi

Kajabi is a comprehensive online platform that provides users with a simple system that has everything you need to sell your product in one place. This puts an end to complications that entrepreneurs encounter when managing an online business. It includes a selection of integrated tools that help members create marketing campaigns and online courses, and build their website pages. Templates are available in every part of the process you plan on taking. If you’ve been postponing the realization of your idea because it costs too much to invest in website development, connecting a payment gateway, email marketing software be assured that the wait is over.

How does it work?

Most entrepreneurs today have a great idea but may not have the technical skills to code or design their own site, mobile app, or landing page. That’s why Kajabi was made. It is centered as a tool for online businesses and is used in two ways. As a business owner in need of handling many different aspects of his business, or as a course creator wanting to produce high-quality online courses. Regardless of your needs, Kajabi helps you make that happen, fast and easy, having all the features needed in one place. Taking care of all the aspects of creating and promoting your business has never been easier.

Kajabi Features

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for a Kajabi account, and since they offer a 14-day trial to make it easier to test-drive the platform. After signing up and providing basic pieces of information about your business you will be welcomed to the platform. A feature is called “Kajabi assistant” includes a four-step layout that will answer all your questions about how to perform tasks. Other features include building and designing your site, various settings, writing a blog, and getting down to analytics. Literally everything you might need on one platform. If we have gotten your attention by now, make sure to check FT Knowledge’s review on Kajabi and find out more detail on the features Kajabi provides.

Getting Paid

One of the most rewarding experiences for sure is selling a course. The great thing about Kajabi is that you keep 100% of the income from the sales. Kajabi charges a monthly premium to use their platform, that’s why it doesn’t take a percentage of each sale, unlike other similar platforms. Kajabi comes with Stripe and PayPal integrations, which makes it easy and quick to link your accounts and be done with the technical payment aspect. As Kajabi is open to refunds, It doesn’t offer any refund policy requirements. It is up to each course creator to determine how they want to handle it by themselves. Flexibility in many ways is one of the greatest features of this amazing platform. Suggested – What Are Alphanumeric Characters?


The marketing hub inside Kajabi is a place where you can find everything to do with how to promote your product. It helps you to create an automated marketing machine to help you sell more courses in less time and with less effort. Some of the modules available include building pipelines and blueprints – automated marketing and sales funnels. There are also pipeline templates available. In fact, templates are available for almost every feature on Kajabi. This hub also provides help with email marketing campaigns and event creation which is good for anticipation around the products and services you provide. Like many smart platforms, Kajabi has made it easier for you to manage customers through the use of functional CRM, assessments, and affiliate program management. It will also provide a ready-made mobile solution, that allows you direct access to your audience.

Customer support

Kajabi easily stands out among all the online course platforms with their non-stop customer support. That means you get 24/7 attention, making it possible for you to solve any problem on your own schedule. And if you rather avoid chatting with anyone, you can access the online help center. All content is precisely categorized with an easy-to-understand guide to help you get stuff done. Kajabi also provides a lot of tutorials to show you how to do different things on the platform if you have some doubts. Besides that, you will also get access to Hero University where you can find a lot of free training on various topics and many other advantages.

Kajabi is more than just an outstanding online course builder. It lets you start and manage your business from day one by helping you out with anything from building a website and running to automating email marketing. Hopefully, these insights will be enough for you to consider at least giving it a try when launching your next business idea.