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Course Hero vs Chegg: Which is Best?

With so many learning platforms emerging online claiming to help lessen students’ burdens, Chegg and Course Hero tops the notch for efficacy and excellent support. This service aids in boosting students’ confidence, mainly when dealing with challenging courses. While they claim to be a high-performing tool for outside classroom lessons, the real question is, which one should you choose?

This article will break down all digestive chunks for you to easily weigh your decisions of which LMS suits you best.

Course Hero vs Chegg: Which One Is Perfect For You?

Students nowadays are more versatile and more robust, thanks to various sources of help; regardless of how difficult situations or courses may be, there’s always a more straightforward solution to it. If you’re one of the many, who’s on a tight schedule, considering support from a reliable LMS is a vital investment. This platform helps you alleviate your courses’ pressure and gets you attuned with online learning; thus, enabling you to develop the right study skills.

Study materials play an essential part when choosing the perfect learning platform suitable for your needs. Chegg provides materials in several categories, while Course Hero offers various study resources you can select based on your preference, course, school, or textbook. To help you decide, you can find out more about Course Hero and Chegg at LearningSelect as they provide a detailed overview of these two powerful LMS. If you’re searching which platform offers the best resources, we can safely say neither of them wins as every student has unique requirements and study habits.

Study Materials

For Chegg:

  • Chegg enables you to access both step-by-step solutions and expert Questions and Answers for practice textbook issues.
  • For essays, Chegg provides an option to work on their copy-paste digitally generated checker. This notifies you of plagiarism and grammatical errors.
  • For math (Pre-algebra, Linear algebra), you’ll have options to create digital flashcards, guides, and access tutors.

For Course Hero:

  • 24/7 tutor access for homework help and step-by-step guide.
  • Extra features like an application to be a tutor, document uploads, and database scholarships for candidate students.

One will surely stand out from the other when comparing study materials. While Course Hero provides scholarship sections, Chegg has writing resources.


The price for every learning platform matters as most students have limited budgets. However, if you’re looking for an excellent value for your money, Course Hero comes with two subscription options ideal for your needs. Though some features are only accessible on the premium account, basic membership plans offer their tutor database access.

On the other hand, Chegg can be priced due to its specific features like math solver and more. Though Chegg may cost you more than Course Hero, most students using this platform are satisfied with the service that they get.

Is Course Hero A Legit Site

Course Hero offers a massive 30 million types of specific course study materials when it comes to digital learning platforms. In case you need help, you’ll have 24/7 available and accessible tutors to aid with any issues you’re struggling with.

Aside from students, Course Hero provides resources for various educators and hosts a nationwide verified network of college instructors and professionals who offer lesson plans, syllabi, and lecture slides.

When it comes to legitimacy, no doubt Course Hero is a trusted site. Its headquarters are in Redwood City, CA. Since it was established way back in 2006, it has built a massive community of more than 1 million subscribers or users (paid) and 20k educators contributing to the site.

Is Chegg Study Worth The Money

As we’ve mentioned before, Chegg can be pricey for its features but sure is worth it for the aid you get. While you may pay about $20 a month, several users have regretted not having it sooner on their courses, which could have saved them time and tons of frustrations.

It offers step-by-step solutions and guidelines on various problems with explanations on how to do it. With the amount of money over the convenience that it provides, it’s already a fair price, to begin with.

Though getting Chegg varies with students’ learning phase and style. It also affects your motivation to learn your study materials faster and easier. While others use it to copy-paste answers, those who truly understand how this platform works will appreciate the knowledge you’ll achieve along the way.


Identifying which platform between Course Hero and Chegg works best for your study is vital. You need to determine your support needs and weigh your options. If you’re into self-paced learning, then Course Hero is a great choice. Chegg, on the contrary, is ideal for tutoring services.

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