Latest Chapter on Intersecting Lines

Since you’re taking geometry or precalculus classes, you’ll be running into the principles of intersecting lines several times. This is why we need to recognize the concepts connected to converging lines.

For now, let’s dive into a fast definition of intersecting lines:

It’s fantastic how a straightforward interpretation can lead us to understand vital residential or commercial properties about linear formulas’ angles and systems. This article will undoubtedly help us comprehend the meaning, residential or commercial properties, and applications of intersecting lines.

Defining Intersecting lines

These lines are two or more lines that are coplanar to every other and also fulfilled at a specific point.

The angles developed by these converging lines (and also line sectors) have fascinating buildings that we’ll quickly learn in the following couple of sections.

What are some real-world instances of converging lines?

One method to examine our understanding of assembling lines’ meaning is to think of real-world instances representing intersecting lines. Can you consider any type of? Here are three that can help you note down more instances:

Our scissors are fantastic examples of things that are intersecting each other and also sharing a common factor.

Crossroads likewise represent converging lines as well, given that they satisfy intersecting factors.

The floor’s lines intersect each other as well and share factors of crossway.

How do we make use of converging lines in coordinate geometry?

Wish to discover what it indicates when two lines or contours converge in coordinate geometry? Below are simply a few of the properties that we’ll learn more about converging lines on an XY-coordinate system.

When two charts of 2 features intersect, the crossway factor represents the service when both functions are related per various others.

This likewise means that when two lines or graphs intersection, then their equation will have a remedy.

Lines that converge with the and -axis have point/s of the intersection. And also, these represent the graph’s as well as -intercepts, specifically.

We’ll find out more concerning all these essentials concepts when we dive deeper into features and address features by utilizing charts.

For now, let’s observe the homes shared by angles located at the point of intersection. In the following sections, we’ll likewise learn exactly how to use them to fix word problems that include curves and intersecting lines.

Characteristic of the angles developed by intersecting lines.

When two or even more lines intersect, they form various angles at the point of intersection.

Have you likewise observed two pairs of vertical angles? If you require a refresher course on what upright angles are, you can check out this short article we wrote in the past on proper angles. For the situation of the two converging lines revealed over, we have the complying with vertical angles:

The residential or commercial properties of vertical and linear angles still put on the angles created by two converging lines.

Scenario Assessment: When a third line intersects the two intersecting lines in the middle.

The same residential properties apply, and by the angle enhancement postulate, the angle converged by the 3rd intersecting line will certainly produce two angles that will undoubtedly amount to the action of the intersected angle.

This means that the sum of and also amounts to.

Want to assess these concepts out? You can attempt constructing four intersecting lines and also test out how the angles behave.

Since we have found out about converging lines’ interpretations and properties, it’s time for us to work on some concerns to examine our understanding.


Complete the following statements with either often, never, and also permanently.

Parallel lines can ____________ be converging lines.

Perpendicular lines can ____________ be converging lines.

Intersecting lines will ______________ have greater than one factor of intersection.


When collaborating with inquiries like this, it’s constantly helpful to go back to specifying the terms that are entailed.

Parallel lines are lines that never engage, so they will never.

On the other hand, Perpendicular lines form 90 ° together, so they will always.

The clock’s hands intersect at a shared point and always represent two intersecting lines.

For intersecting lines, they may seldom share two or more intersecting points.