Tips To Quickly Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Academic essay writing is not something that you learn overnight. It is practically the next step after you learn the basics of essay writing. Academic essays have to provide a debatable, solid thesis supported with the use of relevant evidence. This does include advanced research, which in itself follows a specific set of guidelines. In order to become better, you need to learn how to create persuasive, valuable papers as soon as possible. Do this with the following tips.

Always Start With A Solid Outline

Even before writing the essay, an experienced paper writer will create an outline. This is very useful because it gives you a direction. The basic outline helps you to start writing the essay and guarantees you do not lose time with things that are not needed.

The academic essay always includes these elements:

  • Introduction – needs to include the thesis
  • Body Essay – needs to discuss evidence so the thesis is supported
  • Conclusion – needs to tie everything together and then connect it back to the thesis

If we are to discuss the amount of research needed, you should aim for a minimum of 3 solid points that support the thesis.

Fully Understand Basic Grammar, Punctuation, And Style

Punctuation, style, and grammar are very important. If you make mistakes, your research is simply not going to be taken seriously. This practically means that before you write the essay, you need to make sure you master at least basic grammar.

Some of the basics needed include:

  • Article and pronoun use
  • Agreement between verb and subject
  • Well-formed structures for sentences

Learn all you can about punctuation, and try to make your writing as concise as possible. Also, try to avoid the transition words that will not add anything to your sentence and all the fluff appearing through unnecessary wordiness.

Use The Appropriate Vocabulary

So many students try to use very fancy words in their essays and make mistakes because they do not really know what the words mean. That is why you need to be sure that you fully master the vocabulary you use. At the same time, the vocabulary has to be appropriate to the topic.

By using bigger words, you end up sounding smarter. The opposite applies. Also, if you do not use them right, it becomes obvious for the reader that you try to compensate. As a result, whenever you do not know what a word means, the best thing you can do is to not use it.

Focus On Writing A Supportive Conclusion

A highly overlooked part of many academic essays is the conclusions. This is a shame because this is the part that ties the research so that the thesis can be proven. The big problem in many cases is that the conclusion just restates the introduction. It is basically close to a copy-paste.

The proper conclusion will quickly outline the most important evidence you provided so that the main argument can be disproved or proved. Keep in mind that writing a great academic essay should always include a strongly worded conclusion.