Complete Lesson on Greater Than Symbol

What is Greater Than Symbol?

The above indicator is a mathematical symbol utilized to represent an inequality between two variables or amounts. This sign has remained in usage since the 1560s. The indication generally resembles equivalent– length strokes linking in an adorable angle (>). Let’s learn more about greater than symbol.

The icon is typically put in between 2 quantities being contrasted, and it usually reveals that the initial variable is larger than the 2nd variable. The above indication has been utilized in the computer system that shows languages to execute other operations.

About Greater than Symbol

As an example, 2 > 1 as well as 1 > − 2. This show that two is greater than one and also one is greater than adverse 2.

Numbers – Above and Less Than


Here are some of the examples greater than symbols are:

5 > 2: This inequality reveals that five is more than 2

45 > 30: 45 is higher than 30

10/2 > 6/3:

It can interpret this variation as 5 > 2: which suggests that five is higher than 2

0.01 > 0.001 suggests that 0.01 is higher than 0.001

2 > -2: In this case, it appears that positive numbers are more than negative numbers. Consequently, two is higher than– 2.

How to keep in mind Greater Than Symbol?

  • There are three approaches to keep in mind the Above sign.
  • The alligator approach of remembering more than a symbol
  • The alligator approach is the most straightforward technique for keeping in mind more than the icon.

Always remind on your own the alligator when contrasting variables making use of the more than symbol. The alligator’s mouth is still wide open to swallow or galp as much food as feasible. When an alligator opens the mouth to the left, it represents greater than a symbol.

The open ends approach of remembering greater than a symbol.

Another straightforward way to remember the above is to bear in mind that open ends of the sign usually deal with the more significant number and the arrowhead, indicating the smaller number.

L Approach

In this technique, remember that the less than begins with the letter L, which resembles the less-than sign. In contrast, the higher than icon does not resemble and authorize; consequently, since the greater than sign does not look like an L, it can not be “less than”.

Solving Greater than Problems

Before attempting to resolve any trouble relating higher than sign, the complying with considerations are made:

Undergo the entire inquiry to recognize it

Highlight the search phrases to help in addressing the problem

Determine the variables

Write the mathematical expression of the issue utilizing the inequality icon.

Validate the expression


Mark has 500 USD in his saving account at the end of the year. He plans to use at least 200 USD in the account by the begin of the list below year. If he makes a regular withdrawal of 25 USD, create an expression explaining this scenario.


Begin by identifying vital search phrases

Assume the variables and also allow w stand for the number of weeks

As a result, the representation of this scenario is:

500– 25w ≥ 200

In this situation, the above or equal sign has been used to provide for the total up to be invested, totalling up to 200 USD.