Top 5 Best Healthcare Jobs to Join in 2020

Thinking about entering into the medical field, but don’t know what job to start with? Click to learn about the best healthcare jobs in 2020.

Due to COVID-19, the healthcare industry has been overwhelmed with patients throughout 2020. The demand for healthcare professionals has increased exponentially, leading to a shortage of workers.

Because of this, now is the best time to step into a healthcare career. Let’s jump into the five best healthcare jobs in 2020.

1. Registered Nurse

Currently, there’s a huge need for registered nurses (RNs). 2020 has shown an increase in patients, but not enough registered nurses to handle the surge.

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming an RN, now is the time to start. In many states, student nurses are experiencing expedited training to help get them working in hospitals faster. That means you may become a nurse faster than ever if you enroll right now.

2. Dentist

The job market for dentists is on the rise. Dental work is becoming a bigger priority for many people, and the need for dentists is complementing the growing demand.

While the education process is long, dentistry is a rewarding and flexible career that pays quite well. Plus, dentistry has several other in-demand career routes, such as orthodontics and periodontics.

If you don’t want to commit that much time to dentist education, consider becoming a dental hygienist. This role is experiencing an 11% growth this decade. Plus, it requires much less training—all you need is an associate’s degree in dental hygiene and a license.

3. Medical Billing Services Specialist

Medical billing services positions are in high demand right now and experiencing substantial growth. Better yet, this position typically only requires an associate’s degree.

One of the best perks of becoming a medical billing services specialist is the option to work from home. Many facilities offer work-from-home as a perk since billing can be done virtually anywhere. Medical billers can also work in outpatient clinics and private practices.

4. Physician’s Assistant

A physician’s assistant (PA) works as a supervised doctor. This role requires a master’s degree and PA certification. It’s a fantastic career path for those who don’t want to commit time and effort into becoming a physician or surgeon.

The PA career is always in-demand, especially in 2020, because doctors are overloaded with patients. Plus, the salary is usually over $100k, making it a lucrative career path.

5. Nurse Practitioner

If you’re already a registered nurse, then becoming a nurse practitioner should be on your radar. Advanced healthcare careers such as nurse practitioners, like physician assistants are in demand. Both jobs are great for people who don’t want to commit their time to extensive medical school education.

Nurse practitioners can see patients and prescribe medicine without doctor supervision. The extensive knowledge required for this career path is in-demand in 2020 and offers a nice salary boost for existing RNs. 

Finish Out 2020 With One of the Best Healthcare Jobs

This unprecedented healthcare crisis has created an enormous demand for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.

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Now that you know the five best healthcare jobs, it’s time to choose one and kickstart your career.

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