5 Career Change Ideas That Can Help Take You Down a New Path

Did you know that the rate of unemployment in the USA reached almost 15% in April of 2020?

While it has marginally improved since then, this statistic indicates the pressure that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on economies everywhere. 

You may have recently lost your job, or you may have worked in the same industry for many years and have a strong desire to start a new career. What career opportunities are available for you now?

Why not take a few minutes to check out some career change ideas? You might find the job you have always wanted. 

1. Become a Teacher

If you have worked for many years in a particular industry, then you will have picked up experience and likely people skills. Why not put these to work and become a teacher?

There is a growing number of people who are retraining as teachers in the US. This could be in a school environment or one-on-one tuition. you can even qualify to become an online teacher of English to foreign students. 

There are state-supported and local-education courses that you can take to get the necessary qualifications that you need. This is a great opportunity to leverage the experience that you have accrued to kick-start your next career.

2. Teach Others to Drive

If you have experience as a driver or have been a professional driver, you may be in a position to teach others. You can share your calmness and confidence as a driver to people of all ages. 

Starting a career as a driving instructor may not be as tricky as you think. With some simple qualifications, you will be well on your way to starting your new business.

3. The Retail Industry

If you have learned to deal with people of all kinds, a career in retail may be for you. After all, people who can deal with stressed customers, or help to resolve complaints in a peaceful manner are in demand with all companies. 

You may start on the shop floor but then move into administerial or managerial positions after you have shown your abilities. 

4. Cosmetology

If you love working with hair, make-up, and nails and have shown that you have a flair for it, Cosmetology may be a good career choice for you. This career demands a combination of detail-oriented concentration and good customer care. 

Why not check out more about the life of a cosmetologist to see if it is for you. 

5. Virtually Assist Others

If your friends tell you that you have good organizational skills, you are punctual and can plan accurately ahead of time, a career as a virtual assistant may await you.

The advantage of this career is that you can run it almost entirely from home so long as your internet connection is stable. Why not start with a part-time position and increase your hours as you gain experience.

Career Change Ideas That Could Change Your Life

If you are looking to change your career or have been forced to change by COVID-19, then these ideas will give you a starting point.

There is no end of opportunities out there for those who are looking for career change ideas and are willing to work to achieve them. 

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