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4 Must-Read Books For Anyone Interested In UX Design

Must-Read Books For Anyone Interested In UX Design

It’s easier than ever to find information about UX design and improve your skills. Hence, we want to help you by recommending the must-read books if you want to know more about how you can create better user experiences.

UX design isn’t about aesthetics, but that is important, as your designs need to look attractive if you want to keep your users engaged. The UX design books we recommend will be about more than design theory, so you are equipped with as much as possible to start designing the best user experiences.

Don’t Make Me Think – By Steve Krug

This book has so much for you to learn. It focuses on user experiences and the interfaces that users interact with.

If you are serious about UX design, you need to have this book. It doesn’t make UX design complicated; it tells you what you should know in a clear, easy-to-digest manner. Steve Krug talks about how you can design with the user as the focus and how this will help you see success in your UX designs.

Steve Krug talks about how important it is for a UX/UI designer to create intuitive designs that seem familiar to the users. Nobody wants to use a complicated product; you need to keep it easy to use, and intuitive, and remove what does not need to be in the design. This is how you will give users the best experience when they use your product.

The Design Of Everyday Things – By Don Norman

Do you want to know more about usability? Then it would help if you read this book. If you wish your UX designs to be helpful for the people you are designing for, you need to read this book and learn about all the different ways you can do this.

This book will give you insights into design, how objects are designed, and how they should be designed. This is an exciting and insightful read for anyone interested in UX design and how it can be used to create memorable experiences for people when they interact with a product.

Every designer wants to create something unique, something that is designed so well you cannot point to any flaws, and this book will help you look at design in a way that could help you get closer to that goal. If you want to improve your design skills, build on your knowledge and read this book. Once you are done, you will be looking at the designs of everyday objects differently, and this new perspective can help you become a better designer. Also Read – What Are the Kinematic Formulas?

100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People – By Susan Weinschenk

Have you thought about behavior science and psychology when designing your UX designs? If not, then you should, and this book will help you. This book talks about how people’s brains process different visual cues and how they can be used to create memorable, unique, and usable designs.

There is so much to learn about psychology in design and how it can be used to help you create designs that people will want to see and experiences that people will want to have and return to. If you want to improve your UX design skills significantly and work in firms like UX design company Clay, you need to read this book and learn about how behavior science and psychology can affect product designs and people.

After reading this book, you will want to learn more about this side of designing. There is so much to learn and use. Every designer, new or experienced, should read this book and look through this different perspective on UX design and how it can influence people and make them feel other emotions by changing colors, patterns, and textures.

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products – By Nir Eyal

Do you want your UX designs to hook people and have them come back and engage with your UX design again? Then this is the book you need to read. If you are having trouble keeping users engaged, you should read this book and learn how you can change that.

Nir Eyal talks about the four different stages of keeping users hooked to your designs. If you want your users to return to your product, you can learn so much from this book. The four stages are Trigger, Action, Variable Reward, and Investment. Using these four stages, you can improve your designs and give users the best user experiences.


If you are a UX/UI designer, you need to read these books to improve your design skills and give your users better user experiences. There is so much to learn from these books and the design knowledge that they have to share.

Designers have been reading and benefiting from these books for so long, and you need to be one of them. If you think your designs can be better but don’t know what to do, these books will help you see all the different possibilities.

There are so many sources of UX design knowledge that you can use to learn more about UX design, but these books are must-reads for a reason.