3 Things to Know About Goodwill as an Employee

Have you thought about working for Goodwill? Goodwill industries are more than just a charity store. It is a resource for people in the community to empower through employment, donations, and those who shop.

Working at Goodwill can be rewarding and can be a benefit to your career.

We’ve gathered the top 3 things that you should know about Goodwill if you plan on applying. Keep scrolling to learn more.

1.Core Values

Goodwill has helped more than 25 million people worldwide in 2019 and has no plans to stop anytime soon. If you’re thinking about applying, learn more about their goodwill RISES (respect, integrity, service, excellence, stewardship) core values:

  • Respect – Putting a value on each individual
  • Integrity – Meeting the highest ethical standards in the industry
  • Service – Making life better for families, communities, and individuals
  • Excellence – Continuing to improve, creating positive change, and being bold
  • Stewardship – Being a steward to the community

These core values are the things that every employee should have in common. If you agree with these values, then you should apply to be a Mers Goodwill worker. Their core values have been in place for the last 118 years.

2. Their Mission

Goodwill’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for people within the community. This means eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping individuals reach their full potential. If you are employed, you be taught through the power of work, and Goodwill may offer help with finding you a solid career path.

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Whether you are a goodwill employee, a donor, or a shopper, Goodwill is there to help its community through stewardship, mentorship, and positive change.

3. History

Goodwill was founded in 1902 by Boston native Reverend Edgar J. Helms, a minister, and social innovator.

The premise was simple. He donated items from the wealthier part of town, then trained and hired poor people to help repair them, and resold these items.

His philosophy of “not charity, but a chance” has helped instill the idea of giving everyone an equal opportunity to better themselves and succeed. 118 years later, Goodwill still remains a household name and one of the top nonprofit providers of educational and workforce services.

Is Goodwill Right for You?

If you have entertained the thought of working for it, it’s imperative to ask yourself if it’s a good fit for you.

Goodwill has been responsible for improving the lives of its members of the community and has been a great place to find used goods. An employee’s main focus is working a cash register, helping guests find items, assisting with donations, and repairing or cleaning used goods to be put on the shelves.

Suppose you can handle those responsibilities; it’s a no-brainer to apply now. Did this article help you decide? Then good luck with your next career choice!

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