6 Beautiful Educational Websites for Inspiration

For a student, the world never sleeps. You have a ton of assignments to complete, many activities besides your college, and an additional source for inspiration or learning is always in handy. Nowadays, we have an endless array of resources and opportunities to boost our creativity and meet our goals. Moreover, many educational websites accept both students with previous knowledge and those who only begin their new field journey.

Beautiful Educational Websites for Inspiration

  1. Grammarly

Don’t rush into arguing that Grammarly is instead a software tool and not an inspirational website for learning. We advise you to visit Grammarly’s blog that has a countless number of articles that are designed to give you useful tips on improving your written communication. The project’s blog is a collection of posts that you can take and implement into practice right away, as it is edited and reviewed by professionals in the area of linguistics and education. Although it is hard to describe Grammarly as an educational website per se, it plays a key role in the lives of many people who either pursue their academic career or build a business.

  1. Domestika

If you ever wanted to be taught by people who are pros in their field and practice their craft, then Domestika is a perfect option for you. The platform’s intuitive and simple design allows you to find the course of your dreams within several clicks. It is a community of creative people that serves as a starting point for people with no previous knowledge of illustration and web design. As you become a part of the Domestika family, you will be surrounded by support and encouraged to achieve greatness in your chosen course. However, many courses require a subscription, but you obtain a unique experience and certificate in return.

  1. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform with a creative community that encourages you to share your knowledge and gain more skills. It is a place where people can come and practice their aspirations. The platform has thousands of lessons and classes in various topics, from photography to freelance pro tips, anything you wish to learn efficiently and quickly. Skillshare’s major pro – you can become a teacher yourself, giving back to the community, and being proactive effortlessly. The informal style of lessons is inspiring and comforting, so you can be sure to find the right classes for achieving your goals.

  1. CuriosityStream

It is a streaming platform that hosts more than thousands of documentaries in various topics, including the award-winning, exclusive, and original films. It is an affordable solution for people who love the documentary genre and search for the place to find the right title (most probably CuriosityStream has a documentary that you have to watch and write an essay). CuriosityStream is constantly updating and refreshing their documentaries’ collection, and you can always find something new in one of six major categories on the platform. User-friendly, lightweight, and easy to navigate layout encourages you to discover more and more films that will change your worldview.

  1. Lynda

Lynda is a platform with various courses in many subjects and fields available on the platform. From web design to advance their music skills, you are never limited to one specific field. Lynda is user-friendly and lightweight, and you easily navigate on the website and find needed information about certificates, courses, and potential paths you can unlock if becoming a student here. Also, it is an affordable alternative to major popular platforms that offer courses in similar areas. Besides, you have all chances to become a part of a growing community and boost your creativity and career to another level.

  1. edX

It is an educational platform founded by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a non-profit organization. A user-friendly and simple home page allows you to review all possibilities to enroll in one of the offered courses. You can access old courses that no longer provide certificates or join the ones that can boost your academic career. At the same time, you can audit for free courses and then access the course materials any time it is convenient for you. It is truly inspiring for many students to be a part of a platform, which is a part of top-notch platforms for learners. The platform doesn’t limit you to join only one course, and you can simultaneously follow several of them.

Many of the presented websites are designed to encourage people to learn and acquire new qualifications. However, these platforms also have a transformative power behind them, as they are driving many people to connect and share their skills. As a student, you may find inspiration anywhere you go, from professional assistance services that lend you a helping hand like, to meditation blogs that open your eyes to mindfulness and consciousness.

We hope our top was helpful and beneficial for your studies and your overall success.