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7 Reasons to Qualify as a Gas Engineer

A Gas Engineer is a qualified technical professional who works with gas heating systems, boilers, and other appliances working on gas. It is an exciting career and has many advantages for those who are leaving school and looking to establish a rewarding career. Qualifying as a gas engineer is also a great option for those looking to switch gears, or as a useful extra skill for building-industry professionals.

Here are 7 great reasons to qualify as a Gas Engineer, whether as a school leaver, to pursue a new career direction, or to add a useful skill to your repertoire as an industry professional.

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1. High Demand for Gas Professionals

According to a report by the UKCES (UK Commission for Employment and Skills), there is a 43% shortage of employees in the trades, including gas engineers. There are simply more jobs in these industries than there are skilled professionals to fill the vacancies, and gas engineers are one of these professions that are in high demand. This can be an excellent opportunity for aspiring professionals, giving newly-qualified professionals a high chance of finding a job without a lengthy search.

2. Good Salary Prospects

The gas industry offers good salaries for qualified candidates. A qualified Gas Engineer can easily get a starting salary of £32,000, which is £6000 higher than the national average. The pay can go up to £60,000 a year for more experienced gas engineers. There is also the alternative of running your own business in the industry instead of working as a salaried employee, which can deliver yearly incomes many times these amounts, depending on the success of your business.

3. It Doesn’t Take Long to Qualify

Unlike many other professions, getting qualified as a Gas Engineer does not take a long time. There is a wide range of courses, and you can be certified in a few months. According to Skills TG’s guide for aspirant Gas Engineers, the fast track program takes a mere 25 weeks. At the end of the course, you get all the necessary certifications and licenses, including the ACS, that will allow you to work as a legally approved Gas Engineer and you will be amply equipped with all necessary theory and practical skills.

4. Employment Flexibility

The gas engineering industry offers good scope for flexibility, both in terms of your schedule and the type of work you do. When you are self-employed, you can schedule your work and tasks to suit your preferences and other commitments. The work itself is far from routine or boring, and the projects and challenges of the work are greatly varied. As a gas engineer, you’ll find that no two workdays are the same!

5. Diverse Options in Work Environments

Being a Gas Engineer offers the option of a versatile and varying work environment. When you work for a company, you may either work as an in-house professional or in the field depending on the organization you work for and its structure. On the other hand, you may choose to be self-employed, either as the manager of your own business or work in the field as a self-employed contractor. The nature of work can vary along a wide spectrum, from small domestic tasks to large-scale business projects. This means you are sure to find the type of work that suits you the best and can be adapted and developed as your life changes over time.

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6. Challenging and Exciting Career

Working as a qualified gas engineer is very different from a routine, monotonous, office job. It is an exciting job with each day giving you a new challenging task. It is also a job that requires a high degree of practical acumen to solve problems, and communication skills to establish important rapport with your clients. It also offers the opportunity to keep learning something new every day, as you will continually be faced with new problems to solve and challenges to address.

7. Growing Career Prospects

The building industry was been growing for years and shows no signs of slowing down. With population growth, increasing numbers of domestic and commercial projects are anticipated in the future. This means more demand for installations of industrial and domestic gas appliances and on-going maintenance is also necessary. In turn, this will mean more job opportunities and the chances to grow and advance in your career or business, as well as a high degree of job security in the field.

When looking at embarking on a new career, it is important to make rational decisions based on important information such as demand, salary, hours, and job security. The gas engineering profession performs strongly against all these criteria and more, making it a great option for all kinds of people.