Benefits of Using Proctoring Software For Online Exams

Technology has endowed us with numerous benefits and conveniences. Online examinations are also a part of it. Opting for these latest technology tools will never let your operations halted. No doubt, every technology has limitations, but this software won’t let these things happen. Because of their AI proctoring tools, which do not allow any student to cheat in the exams. It does not mean that anyone can proctor the exam, particular members are there, which are having excess to these things & at the backend, the data is completely safe.

The main benefit of proctored exams is it did not allow the students to cheat, that’s why this platform is changing the way of giving online exams. The Proctoring software help in critically evaluating the student’s performance by not showing any biasness. If any technical glitches occur, the organization’s support systems there can easily handle the difficult situations.

These proctoring platforms closely monitor the activities which, include screen sharing, video, audio, and many more things. Some software also offers live chat options that will be helpful if any issues occur from the student side. No doubt, if a person is not having technical knowledge, then also with some primary guidance, he/she can operate it.

Can someone cheat in online proctored exams?

No, it will not happen if they are using AI integrated tools for proctoring purposes, then it becomes difficult for students to do anything wrong in the online examinations because of its various reasons-

  1. Two-factor authentication and geotagging- Students may hire someone else to give their tests. Although this is not possible, the face and voice identification system, ID card confirmation & unique code service is there for proper authentication.
  2. Block multiple logins- The students might forward the link to their friends to appear for the test or proxy, but the limit is set as at backend the place, IP address everything is recorded. Once the link is generated and if the student logins, then after that, immediately it expires.
  3. Browser activity tracker- Copy paste is the technique used in online exams to save time. For this, an inspection record is there to trace the action of each candidate, and the person will able to know everything from it.
  4. Activity detection- Candidates write the formulas on their hands or keep things near them to copy the answers. But this software act as an activity detector that detects suspicious behavior, changes in facial expressions, and many more.
  5. Watermarking papers- It did not allow the students not to click the picture and send it on the internet to others because the watermark is there. If any student shares it with anyone, then he/she can easily be traced with this software as a unique ID number is there with every test paper.
  6. Prevent screen mirroring- Candidates download these screen mirroring apps in which another person takes control in between, but this system detects and blocks these things.

Types of proctoring exams

Proctoring exams are of three types, which include-

  1. Live proctoring- Proper recordings are there to detect if any suspicious activity or anything which does not goes as per the rules. It is only possible via webcam.
  2. Auto proctoring- It uses AI techniques to proctor the activities. Taking about the accuracy, which is more than others up to 95%. It positively detects the suspicious things which are against the examination rules.
  3. Recorded proctoring- No real-time proctoring is there in this case. Other than this sharing of scree, video & audio is there. The recording is saved at the backend & the proctor can review it further for the final results.

Benefits of online proctoring to institutions-

  • Convenient- These platforms are comfortable for the students and teachers also. If there is no online proctoring, then no structure is there, which may lead to total confusion. Universities, schools, colleges & use this software for further use also like for assessments, quiz & many more as per student lifestyle needs.
  • Safe & Secure- The primary step is to ensure that a team of professionals is there at the backend to see our data security is proper or not. Otherwise, no benefit of these platforms is there & it is just like wasting the hard-earned money of the parents whose children are studying there.
  • Cost-effective- The online proctoring system dependent on various factors, which includes tests, security & many others. Before purchasing this software, one must check the essential things to save the cost of their institutes.
  • Work for all types of exams- Whether it is a short term exam, quizzes, main exam, assessments & various others, all are under it. It does not matter whether it is within the state or outside it is there.

Reasons for opting for the proctoring software

These are the reasons for opting for the proctoring software, which can be helpful to every organization who so ever opts for it. But before proceeding further, must check the support system and how much time they take if any issues are there. Do not ignore this crucial step. Quick action must be there to resolve it if the problem occurs in between the examination process. The responsibility is on the proctor to confirm the identity of the candidate. & if any issues are there, then resolve it as soon as possible. Otherwise, cheating will be possible & in the end, it becomes tough to identify the wrong person.

If the students think that they can do cheating in the exams, then forget about it. Different types of plans are there & as per the needs, an individual can opt. Studies suggest that candidates taking exams online are more prone to cheating than in a physical setup. There is a massive market for cheating devices that cater to the student’s needs. Hence it’s crucial to take imminent measures while handling online exams to assure high integrity. Having multiple tiers of checks and a robust AI-based proctoring solution provider, allowing end-to-end online proctoring solutions for directing online exams, is the best chance to deliver high exam integrity and affordability. Don’t waste time if you want one step ahead, then opt for it.