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6 Tips to Boosting Your Scrabble Score

Playing scrabble is a fun and exciting way to pass the time with your loved ones and keep your brain busy doing something useful. The game has existed for ages and is often played by people of all ages as soon as they know how to read and use letters. For some people, scrabble is not just a game they play at home with their family or friends to spend some quality time together doing something enjoyable. It is a game that is played in certain tournaments where people compete for the highest scores and win major competitions.

Whether you are looking to play with your loved ones or play professionally in a competition or tournament of any sort, here are some tips to help you boost your score and improve your game skills. Also Read – 6 Best Jobs With Tips That Pay Well

1. Use Prefixes and Suffixes

One of the smartest methods to gain some extra points while playing word games is using prefixes and suffixes. Players often overlook this tactic or forget about it entirely when playing scrabble, but it can actually help them score much higher than they would normally without this tactic. Prefixes and suffixes are groups of letters that mean nothing when standing alone, however, when added to the roots of words, they can transform their meanings entirely. Some of the most common prefixes include letters like ‘re’ or ‘sub’ and can be added to words like ‘reuse’ or ‘submarine’. Whereas examples of suffixes include, ‘ing’ or ‘ly’ and can be added to word endings like those in ‘happily’ or ‘singing’. These few extra letters can be all you need to win against your opponent and score higher than you ever have.

2. Unscramble Words

A lot of the time when playing scrabble, you get to a point where you can only see certain words and cannot seem to find any others. A good way to overcome this issue and score highly is by trying to unscramble words you have already come up with or words placed by your opponents so that you can form new words. If you are not playing against anyone or if you are in a friendly game with friends or family, you can try to use technology to help you unscramble words and come up with many different word potentials that can help you win the highest score.

3. Think of Compound Words

The English language is full of single words that can be combined together to form bigger words with different meanings. This can come to your advantage when playing word games as the bigger the words, the higher the score. Try coming up with more compound words and study them hard before you even get into the game as they can sway the results massively in the end. Words like ‘ice cream’ or ‘doorknob’ can get you the result you need to win the game easily.

4. Memorize Small Letter Words and Spot Hooks

It is true that big words can help you score higher in scrabble. However, small letter words can also do the trick. In fact, some small letter words can be the only thing you need to win a game with a much bigger score than your opponent. These words can be hard to pull off, but they sway the results in the few final moves before the game is over. Two and three-letter words like ‘no’ or ‘the’ can help you earn enough points to win any round.

Another great thing about the English language is that simply adding a single letter to certain words can transform them completely or add meaning to them. This fact can come in handy for when you are playing scrabble as words that can be changed with the addition of a single letter are called hooks and can increase your score considerably. Examples include words like ‘deal’ and ‘ideal’ or ‘lush’ and ‘flush’. The meaning of these words changes completely with just one extra letter and you can score higher with this trick. Also Read – Distance Learning: Smart Tips to Effectively Study at Home

5. Look for the Scrabble Bingos

Every game of scrabble has some bingo words that if you can find and lay out, can help you score the highest result and win the game in one or a few moves. Those who consider themselves scrabble pros, know just how valuable it is to use your entire deck of letters in just one word and score an extra fifty points that can quickly win you the game. Before you start quickly to place small words or even seemingly large words on the tray, pause for a few seconds and see if there is any chance you could place the letters you have at hand all in one single word.

6. Learn Q Words and Study the Dictionary

If you are an avid scrabble player, you would probably be familiar with the fact the Q is the highest scoring letter in the game. That is why any word with the letter Q in it can totally sway the results. To score some extra points every time, make sure you learn as many Q words as possible. They do not all have to be complex words nor do they have to be words with a Q and a U. Look for unique combinations that your opponent may not think of as quickly as you so that you can have the upper hand in the game.

Among the most effective ways to help yourself score higher in any game of scrabble or any word game, in general, is studying the dictionary. This does not necessarily mean memorizing every single word found in the massive book. However, the more time you spend reading the dictionary and learning new and unique words in it, the better chances you will have of scoring higher at scrabble. Studying new words would not just be helpful for word games, but it would also be beneficial for everyday life to learn new vocabulary.

Learn Q Words and Study the Dictionary

People have been playing scrabble for decades as it is a fun game for individuals from all age groups. Whether you are playing for fun or taking on the game professionally, learning new tactics that can help you score higher is always beneficial. Make sure you study some new words before playing any word game so that you can increase your edge and benefit from increasing your vocabulary knowledge.

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