Best Ways to Understand and Master Calculus


Often referred to as infinitesimal calculus or “calculus of infinitesimals“, Calculus is the branch of mathematics of constant change, similar to how geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of arithmetic operations generally. Differential calculus and integral calculus are the two main disciplines; the former deals with instantaneous rates of change and curve gradients, while the latter deals with aggregation of variables and areas under or between curves. The fundamental theorem of calculus connects these two branches, and they both make use of the fundamental concepts of infinite sequences and infinite series to a limit.

Calculus is that part of math that contains integrals, derivatives, functions et al. It constitutes a major chunk of mathematics. Calculus has multiple uses, mostly in mechanical Physics, etc. Calculus is one subject that many find difficult to interpret or to keep track of. For most students, it is considered to be the most brain-racking subject, which requires a lot of attention and hard work. However, with the correct guidance and determination, even the most difficult of sums can be solved, and one can become a master of Calculus with great ease.

For some amazing ways to understand and master Calculus, read on.

Best Ways to Understand and Master Calculus

1. Begin with a different aspect of basic maths.

Calculus is a domain of mathematics that is connected to other branches of mathematics. Hence, the first and foremost step on your way to master calculus is to master the basics of maths that calculus encompasses.

Given below are the various different domains of math that you can master before moving on to calculus.

  • Arithmetic: Begin with fundamental arithmetic and work your way up to mastering all arithmetic operations.
  • Algebra: Understand the fundamental properties of algebra. Learn the fundamentals of sets and groups. Find out more about word problems.
  • Trigonometry: Recognize the characteristics of triangles, circles, and other shapes.
  • Geometry: Learn everything there is to know about shapes and their attributes.

Knowing the above subjects entirely and thoroughly helps you learn calculus with much greater ease and get a firm grasp. Must Read – Determinant Calculator – Easy way to learn

2. Identify and understand the portion of calculus that it is made up of.

Differential calculus and integral calculus are the two basic and major branches of calculus. The study of change, rate of increase, and compounding are known as calculus. Derivatives and accumulation are synonymous with the rate of change. It is all about the rate in calculus. Learn how to calculate the rate of change for time vs. distance, time vs. velocity, and other variables.

3. Learn the various formulae of calculus.

Calculus is a subject that has numerous formulas which have to be learned in order to apply them correctly. There are several basic formulas for derivatives and integrals. An individual must learn all of the formulas in calculus; each one has proper proof. Do not simply remember the formula; analyze it with proof.

To make sure that it stays in your mind, make a note of all the formulas and hang or stick it somewhere in front of your eyes so that it is visible to you the entire day. That way, you will automatically learn it if you keep looking at it and running it over and over again in your head.

4. Hire a good calculus tutor

Many students feel that they do not require or need tutors and can prepare or study on their own. That is not wrong, but tutors can guide you better and make you understand where you are going wrong and how to apply your knowledge with minimum effort correctly.

Thus, hiring an online calculus tutor would be a good option to consider if you are looking to master calculus as soon as possible. In the long run, this will make it easier for you to understand advanced material because your basics would be strong, and you would have a person to point you in the correct direction and guide you throughout.

5. Practice as many problems as possible

Becoming a master in something is not very easy and requires hard work and time. Practice is the key to success. The more sums you practice, the faster you are going to learn. When you are solving problems, you come up with doubts and attempt to solve them. In that way, you enhance your overall knowledge and move one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal. Begin with the derivatives question. Then you can go on to the integral problems. Complete as many questions as you can. If you are stuck at any time, you can look for an online tutor who would help you out. Also Read – Antiderivative Calculator: Everything About It

6. Purchase a good graphing calculator

Calculators make it easy for any student to understand what is happening and how to move from one step to the other. If not calculators, there are several online applications available as well that students may download and take a reference from. They help you to comprehend the equations and the problems better and help you understand the solution to the proposed problem.


In this way, we can see that even an individual who does not have a very good command of calculus can learn it in close to no time. It only requires a little time, devotion, and determination. If you are still unsure, you can take up online courses and classes. There are numerous classes that are available online at minimum costs. These classes also have practice tests that you can solve to analyze your knowledge and know-how prepared you are. They even provide scores at the end to show you your advancement and improvement.

Remember to set goals and work towards them in a determined manner. Ensure that you practice every single day to get the best results. As a result, any person or individual can master calculus and be great at it too, provided that they are willing to learn and devote a little time to it.