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How to Manage Your Time At College? Learn 8 Easy Steps

When you are a student, you want to receive information quickly and effortlessly. Sitting in the library for hours and looking for suitable material is not an option anymore. You have a smartphone in your hand, which means that the whole universe is in your pocket, and it will not be challenging to get the information you need.

Steps on How to Manage Your Time At College

We have gathered the best apps and websites for students to make the learning and studying process easier.

1. Smart alarm clock

How often are you late for classes because you overslept? Or, having planned to get up early to learn something, ignore the alarm, and continue sleeping? The solution to this problem is Puzzle Alarm Clock and Smart Alarm. It is not enough to press the button to turn it off. You need to regain consciousness and solve a puzzle – not complex, but it will be enough to start the sleepy brain.

2. TimeTable

Down with heavy organizers and diaries! All your lectures and seminars schedule, homework assignments, and notes can now be stored conveniently in one application.

3. QuickReader

This application will teach you speed reading – a skill that is simply irreplaceable in our time. Keeping the entire library in one single device is no longer a problem; you simply have to read it. Train and the results will not be long in coming.

4. Coursera

It is truly a unique app. Here you can find and watch lots of courses in various subjects – from chemistry to art history. Moreover, it offers classes from leading universities and colleges around the world. Definitely worth a try.

5. Blog

Are you looking for free guidelines on how to write college papers? offers more than 500 articles on various style guides, paper formats, types of essays, writing tips, and examples.

College papers are an integral part of higher education. If, for some reason, you can’t prepare one yourself, buying one will save energy, time, and your grades.

6. StudyBlue Flashcards

We all know that flashcards are very effective in preparing for exams. But to prepare them yourself is a living hell. With this university app, students can make flashcards quickly and easily. At the same time, not only pictures and text can be used here, but also audio and video effects.

7. EasyBib

Each student knows how challenging it may be to format citations and bibliography the right way. EasyBib was created to ease this process. Simply scan the barcode or type the title of the book – and the application will immediately arrange the text in the form of a link to a literary source. And then, you can send it to your mail or instantly export it to a document. Also Read – Lesson on Types of Angles: An Overview

8. Mint

This app will be handy to everyone who came from other cities and is forced to conduct personal accounting independently. It calculates everything for you: membership fees, costs for books and prints, paying for tutors, buying food. Mint will keep track of all your expenses and help you not get into debt.