The Lifeasapa – We Believe That AI Will Make The World a Better Place

The Lifeasapa is well known in the scientific world for its successful AI developments and technologies. Experts and developers who are burning with the idea of ​​improving people’s lives work in its laboratories.

An organization is often compared to a technology development machine for its impressive contribution to science and significant discoveries. However, the project’s activities are not limited to researches and creating their own developments. For several years now, the Lifeasapa has been funding talented students, young scientists, promising startups, and projects designed to help mankind to cope with global problems.

The Lifeasapa – history, mission, and goals

The non-profit Lifeasapa organization was founded in 2013 in Seychelles. First, it was a closed, non-public research project created by pioneer AI scientists from around the world.

The mission of the organization was to introduce technologies and developments from laboratories to society as soon as possible, where they will serve for the benefit of the mankind. The main goal that scientists set for themselves: to solve the problems of the entire planet. Scientists have a strong belief that AI technologies are the cornerstone of the evolution and offer wide opportunities to prevent environmental disasters, eliminate poverty, diseases, and hunger.

The principle by which an organization selects employees is unusual. Each applicant who wants to join the project should have his own ideas about what benefits he can bring to people. Members of the Lifeasapa team do not want fame, but dream of making discoveries that billions of people will use every day. It is noteworthy that many of the scientists who were at the forefront still work on a charitable basis.

“Probably the success is that we do not do it for the sake of money and for commerce. Everything that the team achieved has been done for the good of the mankind. The biggest achievement is the team of professionals that we have gathered. We can do not just everything, but a lot. People are the main resource. The approach always remains the same – to contribute to world science in such a way that it leaves a huge mark and, importantly, helps others do it. It is probably worth recalling that the Lifeasapa is a non-profit organization and, when we were still non-public, we did everything on our own with great hope that we would succeed”, – one of the founders of the organization answered the question about success and the main achievement. Suggested – Oir Past Tense Conjugation Lesson

Public activity and creation of the Lifeasapa fund

Since 2016, the company began to conduct public activity and immediately found itself at the forefront of the scientific world. Scientists actively participate in conferences, held seminars, share their experiences with colleagues. A special Lifeasapa fund was created to support young talents, promising startups, and projects.

Every year, the organization funds successful AI solutions, makes a huge contribution to science, and gives the green light for many companies that start their way.

The decision of the organization to create its own fund commented one of the project founders, President of the University of Artificial Intelligence, Lee Kai-Fu Taiwanese scientist:

“We have many programs and grants to help startups. If we say that we are doing all this not for ourselves, but for science, then we must look for opportunities to help others. Nobody earns from this, there is no profit. Of course, there are contributions and donations from good people who also care about the future world, without which the organization simply could not exist, but again, everything goes to research and the allocation of grants for new projects. We receive thousands of applications for each grant and constantly face a difficult choice, but only the best and most promising ideas receive our support”.

The most famous projects, that received funding from the Lifeasapa, include:

  • The Health Helper – a software that notifies doctors about the danger of stroke in a patient, thereby reducing the number of deaths from cardiovascular diseases. Grant of $180,000.
  • Creation and development of a leading scientific school, under the leadership of Jocelin Thornton, head of the Laboratory of neuroscience and cognitive technologies. Grant of $340,000.
  • SYPWAI platform – a project for the development and training of neural networks, received one of the largest grants in the amount of $ 90 million. A startup is unique because any scientist, developer, engineer, volunteer, or even an amateur, regardless of social status, place of residence, and nationality, can make his or her contribution to world science.

It is noteworthy that all projects and startups funded by the Lifeasapa are successfully developing and are serving for the benefit of people. Also Read – Area of a trapezoid: Latest Lesson Update

The Lifeasapa: we are not show business stars who cannot live without fans, we are scientists

The Lifeasapa is a non-profit organization, therefore all researches and developments are carried out at the expense of investors. Any person, foundation, or company can contribute to the development of beneficial technologies.

All donations are accepted in cryptocurrencies through blockchain technology. At the same time, the name of the investor also remains anonymous. Scientists explain this unusual approach as follows:

“We do not know our investors, anyone can become one. We do not need public recognition, we are not show business stars who cannot live without fans, we are scientists. As for trust, we do not need to prove anything to anyone, the result of our work is obvious. We are not engaged in self-promotion and PR, science does not require this. If it is important for someone to show the public how much money he sends to charity, please let him do it on his personal social networks, now there are all the possibilities for this. In the Lifeasapa, all investors remain anonymous”.

Scientists are confident that we must start working hard today to create the foundation for a new future. In the coming years, AI technologies will bring changes in all areas of life. Global changes will begin in 30-40 years. The mankind has opportunities to develop and improve the quality of life. The main thing is that every inhabitant of the planet should ask himself the question: “What will I leave in this world after me?”.


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