Students Time is Gold: 5 Simple Tips to Lengthen Your Rolex’s Life

Watches are the essential devices that we need in our daily lives. It helps us track time during night and day. It also helps us manage our daily tasks wherever and whatever awaits us regularly.

That said, a lot of designs and brands come in the market for everyone’s usage. Many people look for inexpensive watches yet elegant style to wear; however, some fashion-oriented individuals would select signature watches such as Rolex. After all, Rolex symbolizes wealth, luxury, and success. Celebrities should always associate their name with a brand that exudes those qualities.

In the same way as some other brands of watches found in the market, the Rolex watch needs proper care while wearing it. If you don’t want to have a hole in your pocket and you want to make sure that your Rolex watch will last longer, the recommendations below will help you increase your watches’ lifespan.

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The Way You Wear It

Rolex watches are one of the most famous brands that every individual wants to own. It comes in different styles from sleek to rough, stylish to simple, and bold to minimalistic. People who wear Rolex watches may be described as having a rich and luxurious lifestyle.

A watch like the Daytona and other models from Rolex is a symbol you’re in a class on your own. A Rolex is a status symbol and you should treat it that way. Just like an expensive sports car or any memorabilia that should be in mint condition, watches such as a Rolex demand a whole new level of care.

To extend the lifespan of your Rolex watch, keep it away from water and dust. You may not protect it from dust particles by the time you wear it, but make sure to wipe it all the time so grits won’t stay and generate rust if it accidentally gets wet.

Storing Methods and Procedures

Proper storage and putting it in a box when not in use must be an excellent way of expanding your watches’ life. Remember not to throw the box that comes with your watch by the time you buy it because it will serve as your watches’ permanent storage.

Besides, make sure you do not pile each box and arrange them accordingly and individually. Avoid direct contact with sunlight as your watch may produce moisture that might stop your Rolex from performing.

The Cleaning Process

Keeping your Rolex watch clean on a regular will help extend its life. Your watch needs a weekly wash if you wear it every day. Remember, your watch will attract dust particles from time to time, so you have to perform a weekly washing and cleaning.

Also, if you own a full metal Rolex watch, you may wash it with mild soap and warm water. Use a soft brush to reach and clean hard to reach parts and make sure to dry it with a soft cloth so it won’t scratch.

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Keeping Your Rolex Up

Inevitably, your Rolex watch may acquire scratches over time, especially when you’re using it daily. Polishing pastes and solutions are available in the market to make sure that these scratches off permanently.

Moreover, there should be several Rolex watch repair shops that exist everywhere, and one of them must be San Diego, California. According to surveys, most Certified Rolex Service Centers and Watchmakers live in this county.

Servicing Your Rolex

It is always advisable to have your Rolex watch checked in Rolex-affiliated service centers. Having your watch tested does not mean a repair, but maintenance. A full service that you should get from these centers includes complete cleaning, buffing, and polishing so it’ll look as brand new as possible.

Moreover, when you look for Rolex Service Centers, always consider the costs, length of time, value, and dependability. As mentioned, San Diego offers a wide selection of Rolex repair service centers which may cater to your full watch care needs.


Rolex is a world-famous brand of the watch because of its reliability and performance. Aside from that, these watches are made with the finest materials. Even a small part of what makes a Rolex work or look good can already be more expensive than an ordinary watch. Luxury brands such as Rolex have stood the test of time and have become favorite status symbols of the rich and famous.

With that said, take extra care when you own one of these treasures. These are investment pieces that can last generations if well-maintained. Your Rolex watch may be torn and damaged over time; however, with a bit of care, maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your Rolex watch in pristine condition. With the tips we’ve mentioned, rest assured that your Rolex watch will be your faithful companion for a long time. We hope our tips help you out!