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7 Best Essay Editing Service to Help You Out

No matter if you are obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, are a Master’s student, or even are on your way to get a Ph.D. degree, one thing remains unchanged – you will be facing tons of academic writing assignments every semester. And you have to handle them well to ensure overall good performance. There are few  best essay editing service available out there for students.

Whether you are working on an essay, research paper, or any other type of academic assignment, you have to understand that researching, planning, and writing are big stages of the process, however, the work doesn’t stop there. The last and most significant task is to proofread and edit the work.

That’s where many students face certain challenges. Not only students tend to underestimate the importance of this stage, even if they do, they often lack time or skills to do it right. Luckily, today, there are hundreds of smart solutions to ease this process. Also Read – How to Get Your GED: A Step by Step Guide

Getting the Highest Grade for an Essay: Top 7 Best Services and Tools for Editing

In order to make your professor give you the highest mark for a paper, you must make sure that it is flawless and error-free. Regardless of the type of work, subject, or other requirements – if you fail to make your paper free of mistakes, your grade will be decreased.

Okay, but how to make your work truly flawless? There are a few ways to solve this issue. You can do everything yourself if you have the skills and knowledge needed such as revising and editing on your own. But, to make the process simple and less time-consuming, you can rely on the available editing services and tools.

Every student should have a good set of tools to get the best results. And, if you didn’t shape your own toolbox yet, here are the top services and tools that each of you should have at hand.


EssayWriterService is, without exaggeration, the best essay editing service out there! The team of consists of the best writers and editors with higher education and years of experience.

At this service, students can ask real pros to revise their essays and other academic papers and get excellent results.

By the way, you can entrust pro writers not only with editing. At this service, students can ask expert writers with a Ph.D. or Master’s degree to do all the research and writing for you. This way, you will save lots of time for things that matter, for example, to study for an exam or improve attendance. And, at the same time, you will get a flawless essay that deserves the highest evaluation.


The next worthy tool is Typely. It is a free web-based editor that comes with a wide range of features. Typely analyzes the pasted text and provides you with detailed stats concerning its length, reading time, overall score, ease of reading, and other characteristics. These stats can really come in handy for polishing your work.

Apart from that, this tool also helps you detect and eliminate different types of errors, including typos, punctuation, style, and grammar mistakes. Also Read – 6 Best Jobs With Tips That Pay Well


Grammarly has been around for a while already. It is considered one of the most widely-used and advanced editors for all sorts of texts. It offers best essay editing experience. This cutting-edge tool has everything a student may need – it helps detect and fix basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes free of charge. And, if you get a paid version, you will have even more handy features.

The premium version of Grammarly helps to make every piece of writing clear, compelling, and stylistically-correct. It makes helpful suggestions on word choice, style, clarity, and format. And it even allows you to check plagiarism.

check plagiarism & proofreading

Hemingway App

Another handy tool is the Hemingway App. It is created specifically to help users make their documents easy to read and understand. While it won’t make suggestions on grammar or punctuation, it will definitely help you make your papers more compelling, clear, and engaging.

What the app does is basically gives you a readability score. It analyzes and scores the text based on multiple factors and suggests what changes should be made to make it better. It is a great tool, and it is absolutely free of charge, which should be appreciated by most students.

Paper Rater

Another great editor is Paper Rater. It is a free online proofreader that will help you polish any kind of text.

Paper Rater basically has three features. The first one is a grammar check. The tool will highlight the mistakes that were made in the work and make suggestions on how to fix them. Also, Paper Rater can identify weak points in your writing and offer ways to make it generally better. Finally, one more feature is a uniqueness check. The tool will analyze your text against millions of documents and give an accurate plagiarism report. Go check out Paper Rater for awesome essay editing experience.


StyleWriter is a great software designed by expert proofreaders and editors. The tool brings together the best time-tested tricks and techniques to help everyone create readable, clear, engaging, and concise texts.

StyleWriter offers quite a few benefits. It features cutting-edge Jargon Buster and Smart-Spell technologies that help to turn pretty much any rough draft into a real masterpiece. Also, StyleWriter provides a handful of advanced stats that will help to measure the quality of your pieces. Finally, the software is highly customizable. Users can tailor it to their unique needs and objectives. For example, with this tool, you can even edit your text for a specific type of audience to ensure the best results. Also Read – 8 Main Advantages of Distance Education

Cliche Finder

The last on our list, but not by the importance is Cliche Finder. This tool is much different from the rest. It doesn’t detect grammar and punctuation mistakes. Instead, it helps you make your writing brilliant by detecting and eliminating cliches.

There is no secret that students often tend to have lots of cliches in their papers. Needless to say, these cliches can actually harm your overall grade. However, with the help of Cliche Finder, you can make sure that each of your essays is absolutely free of cliches and, thus, is worth the highest grade!