A Definitive Guide On How To Prepare For An Exam

Guide On How To Prepare For An Exam

The exam session is a real test for all students. A simple sitting on steam is replaced by an absolute hell that comes every six months. For a whole month, the head is occupied with one thought: “how to prepare for exam?“. Students think you can forget about the fun life during preparation for exams. But there are many tips for exams that will help you memorize the material effectively. So, we offer you the best exam preparation tips.

Think about what you will learn

Many students think a tutor is the best option for studying, but not everybody has money to pay for this. Fortunately, it’s not a problem; it doesn’t mean you’ll fail the exam. You should know that you need to try to understand everything by yourself. You can come to a tutor or a familiar teacher with a specific question or topic that is unclear. Many people think it is unrealistic to prepare for the exam on your own, but it is not so difficult. Many supporting materials can help. Furthermore, very often, the educational institutions themselves offer help. Anyone can find Princeton Review college counseling reviews and consult experienced people in studying questions. The Internet is an excellent way to search the information, but it can be distracting. So, you should know what you are looking for. Otherwise, finding information will take more time than learning it.

The first step in your preparation is deciding what sources you will use. You can find much more information than you need or less. In the first case, choosing one or two from many textbooks is necessary. If there is an opportunity to use video-audio materials, do it because they are easily remembered.

What can be done with limited time?

The critical point is to force yourself to study. Before the exam, you want to do everything you want, not to prepare for it. You have to make an effort for yourself. It is essential. But it would be best if you did not go to extremes. Also, it’s a bad idea to prepare for the exam with a friend (unless they know the material better than you). If you study with someone else, you’ll want to talk instead of studying.

How to memorize information?

There are many different ways to do this. The most successful method of memorization is considered to be mnemonics. What is it? It is pretty tricky. Mnemonics includes memorization by doing association. For example, if you need to learn the date, you can try to think about what happened on this date in your life. It can be the birthday of your mom. Or perhaps you did something for the first time or went somewhere on this day? Or does this date suddenly resemble when you met your best friend? But you don’t need to look for family holidays specifically. By using this method, you will memorize all required dates.

But what to do with formulas if you can’t associate them? It’s not as hard as it seems. You just need to look at them from a different angle. Try to read them like words and do combinations with recipes. These funny sentences will be stuck in your head. Keeping any definitions, phenomena, or events in mind is very convenient, but if you learn them by playing, it’ll be easy. If you memorize an extended definition, try to simplify it. Understanding the meaning of the definition is essential, and not forgetting it.

If you want to ensure that you understand the information, try to repeat the definitions in your own words. So, if you did it, you know the material. Different people have developed types of memory, so we have:

  • visual memory
  • auditory memory
  • motor memory

People with expanded visual memory will find reading the material rather than listening. Then the page with the desired topic is mentioned. Therefore, those with developed motor memory should write down the material again.

Do you have to study?

To some, such a question can seem to be stupid. But it all depends on how you understand the word “learn.” For many, teaching is similar to a discipline. It is important that during preparation, information should be remembered. You don’t need to sit with a notebook on the exam because all this was already given in seminars. You only need to switch in your head and remember all the material.

How can you replace knowledge?

You never know what exactly will happen. Let’s imagine a bleak picture – you studied the fifth ticket all night, and you got the thirteenth, which you did not look at, in which there are some terrible and senseless statements that even the best student does not understand. But you shouldn’t give up in any way. Start by deciding what grade you expect to receive. The lower the score, the greater the chances of getting it. Then read questions and think about associations. Maybe you have already gone through something remotely similar? Even if in another subject. You can try to ask a neighbor if it’s possible. You should understand that you will learn information not only in class but also on television, radio, and the Internet, through conversations, and answers of other students, not only from scientific literature but also from fiction. So you don’t need to be scared about the exam. Also Read – What is Standardized Testing and How Can A Student Prepare?


The most important part is to be calm and confident. Even if you are unsure about a few questions, you should start with what you know. A teacher can say that one question is enough if your answer is complete. Another piece of advice is that taking sedatives on the day of the exam is bad because they can inhibit your thinking ability, and you’ll feel sleepy and indifferent to everything happening. There is no need to doubt in front of the laid-out tickets, remembering which one will turn out to be lucky after all. Otherwise, the stereotype works: if you’re looking, it means you want to find something easier, that is, you don’t know all the material.


The exam is not only a test of theoretical knowledge but also a significant emotional test, a kind of stress. That is why psychological preparation for exams is essential. Some students with a weak nervous system under the influence of a stressful situation can forget the material they remembered very well the day before. So start preparing in advance and believe in yourself.