Quick Lesson on Area of a Sector

To recall, an industry is a portion of a circle that is confined between its two radii and the arc adjoining them. Let’s take a look at the concept of the Area of a Sector.

For example, a pizza slice is an instance of a field that stands for a portion of the pizza. There are two sorts of markets, small as well as a significant call. A minor field is less than a semi-circle market, whereas a substantial industry is higher than a semi-circle.

In this post, you will indeed find out:

What is the area of a sector?

How to locate the location of a field &

The formula for the area of a sector.

What is the area of an Industry?

Industry in the area is confined by the two spans of a circle and the arc. In short words, the area of a field is a fraction of the area of the circle.

How to Find the Area of a Sector?

To determine the area of a market, you need to understand the following two specifications:

The size of the circle’s radius.

The procedure of the main angle or the size of the arc. Hence, the central angle subtended by an arc of a sector at the center of a circle. Can give the central angle in levels or radians.

With the above two parameters, locating the area of a circle is as simple as ABCD. It is just an issue of connecting in the values in the area of the sector formula provided below.

The formula for the area of a sector

There are three formulas for determining the location of a market. Each of these formulas is used relying on the type of info given regarding the market.

Area of an industry when the central angle is provided in degrees

If the angle of the sector is given up levels, then the formula for the area of industry is,

Area of a sector = (θ/ 360) πr2

A = (θ/ 360) πr2

Where θ = the central angle in degrees

Pi (π) = 3.14 as well as r = the radius of a field.

Location of a sector given the central angle in radians

If the central angle is given up radians, after that the formula for computing the area of industry is;

Area of a field = (θr2)/ 2.

Where, θ = the procedure of the central angle given up radians.

Location of a field given the arc length.

Given the size of the arc, the area of a market is provided by.

Area of a sector = rL/2.

Where r = distance of the circle.

L = arc size.

Let’s exercise several example troubles involving the area of a field.


Calculate the area of the field revealed listed below.


Location of a market = (θ/ 360) πr2.

Now, it implies (130/360) x 3.14 x 28 x 28.

Hence, it is equal to 888.97 cm2.